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Advanced Google Maps

We can utilise the Google Maps API to create an advanced Google Map for your site. This includes, but is not limited to, adding custom markers to highlight notable nearby locations and interesting places.

Booking Widget

Allow your guests to quickly choose the dates they want to check. This widget will allow the guests to skip the first step in the booking engine ensuring no data is re-entered and improving the efficiency of all potential bookings.

Booking Widget with Destination Choice

Extension of ^*m~Booking Widget~#fdff71^ ^*p^ If your property spans multiple locations this widget will allow your guest easy access to choose which location they wish to look at.

Complex Forms

Allow your viewers to fill out forms that go beyond the usual name, email, message. Get more informative and targeted responses which will allow you to get the information you need. Complete with the 'required' functionality, which will not allow the form to be submitted without these fields filled in. The forms also have robust anti-spam prevention allowing you to only receive forms from real people.

Customisable Call-to-Action section

This section may be the most important one on your site. An eye catching, quick to notice section that is easily digestible by your viewers will easily turn lookers into bookers. Add anything you like here including your latest promotions and reasons to book with you direct and of course a link to your booking engine.


Keep your viewers informed and anticipate questions that they may have by adding a 'Frequently asked questions' section to your site.

Filterable Gallery

Use this widget to allow your guests to quickly filter through all of your photos making it easier for them to find what they want to see quicker, from your rooms and accommodation to your scenic views and adventures.

Break away from the generic drop down menu that is so common in mobile navigation. Allow your viewer to experience a full screen mobile menu that can show a lot more than just the navigation bar.


Add a splash of colour or an eye catching design to break up your page layout. Use icons to help your viewer navigate around your site or point them towards a ^*m~Customisable Call-to-Action section.~#fdff71^ ^*p^ ^*m~Designs required~#f84^

Interactive Chat

Have your viewers be able to instantly chat with you increasing your interactive engagements. ^*p^ ^*m~Some restrictions apply~#f84^

Masonry Gallery

A masonry gallery adds to the artistic nature of your website. No longer do galleries have to stay in a fixed grid, they can break out and keep their own aspect ratio. Resulting in an effect that is pleasing to the eye.

Morphed Text

Use the power of CSS to display your text in multiple different ways.


Increase your audience reach by having your website be shown in multiple languages. With a click of a button your site will be completely translated into any language you want. ^*p^ ^*m~Translations required~#f84^

Multiple Form Options

Give your viewer the option to choose how they would like to get in contact with you and what they want that contact to be about, whether it be a general enquiry or a specific question.

Offset Images

Bring your page some depth and use a mixture of box-shadow, borders and transforms to emulate the lifting of your images off of the page.

One Page Scroller

Have your whole website load into one page allowing your viewer to not have to leave the site or load another page to get all of your information.

Page Animation

Adding a little movement to your site can be just the thing you need to emphasise the right element at the right time. Fade, zoom, scale, bounce and move your content to draw your guest's eyes to the content you want them to see the most.

Pagination Widget

A unique way of helping your viewer navigate your site. Allow them to jump from section to section and inform them of how much content is left on the current page.

Scrolling Background Images

Introduce some depth into your website and use this effect to give something quite different to your guests. Keeping an image static, non moving, while scrolling opens up multiple opportunities for new design features for your site.

Share Buttons

Include social media share buttons on your site to allow your guests to easily show off your site on their social media.

Single Domain Multi-site

Do you have more than one property? Not a problem, we can create a multi-property site on one domain. This means your guests will never have to leave the site and can still experience all you have to offer. Plus, one site means more traffic to the same place which will help with your SEO rating.

Split Header

Emphasise your logo by having it placed in the middle of your navigation links.


Add some extra character to your website and take advantage of the use of videos, especially useful with promotional material. ^*p^ ^*m~Some restrictions apply~#f84^

Video Background Header

Immediately engage your guests with a video playing in the background of the header of your website along with being able to promote your message with text that can be overlaid on top of the video. ^*p^ ^*m~Some restrictions apply~#f84^

Virtual Tour

Host a virtual tour of your hotel to give your viewer a first hand view of what your hotel looks like and what it features. ^*p^ ^*m~Virtual Tour required~#f84^

Whatsapp Integration

Link your site with your whatsapp account to allow your guests immediate interaction directly with you.